Sonne & Zeit - Sonnenuhrenbau Heierli
Made in Switzerland

About us

In 1999 I built my first sundial following classical specifications. Soon I began to design models according to my own ideas. From the first hour on I was inspired by the idea of inventing a new sundial and bringing it from outside to inside.

In 2017 my wife and I set up a small workshop to fabricate our products for sale.


We want to give the sundials a fresh, modern touch to fit the present taste. Our products are designed to be used both as a reliable timepiece and as an eye-catcher to embellish the sill of a sunny window.

Last but not least, sundials give us the time without supply of any form of energy other than sunlight.


An article about our sundials has been published in the American Journal of Physics: "A sundial with hour lines portraying the Earth", Am. J. Phys. 87, 955 (2019)more


Newspaper article in the 'Schaffhauser Nachrichten' : "Neue Uhr erstrahlt im Sonnenlicht", 8. Nov. 2017, p. 23, a report by Theo Kübler about our sundials.