Sonne & Zeit - Sonnenuhrenbau Heierli
Made in Switzerland

Sundials for the  window sill - modern - precise

For many generations sundials have set the beat of time and embellished our homes. More than any other timepiece they embody the tradition of timekeeping.  

We build modern sundials for indoor use on your window sill. We employ the law of refraction to shape the hour lines into an image of the Earth. more

A pleasant trait of sundials is their quiet and silent way of counting hours : no nervous ticking, no seconds rushing past.

Every sundial we produce is a one-off piece made for your particular site. Each dial is unique and individually calculated.

On demand your sundial is personalized with a date of your choice, your wedding day, a jubilee or a birthday, whichever you like.

Is there a more poetic way to read time than with a beam of sunlight?